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National Council

The National Council is a forum for the discussion of UKLA policy and concerns and for the exchange of information and ideas. It consists of Executive Committee, Regional Representatives and Co-opted Members.

President: Tracy Parvin

President Elect: Cathy Burnett

Immediate Past President: AndrewLambirth

Vice President: Roger McDonald

Hon. Treasurer: DoreenChallen

Hon. Secretary: Gabrielle Cliff Hodges

Ass. Secretary Chris Lockwood


Publications: Jill McClay, Jo Tregenza current digital pubs - Liz Chamberlain(outgoing at AGM 2019)

International: Liz Broad

Conferences: Janet Douglas-Gardner,Rebecca Simpson Hargreaves (Deputy)

Membership and Awards: Lynda Graham

M&A Deputy Convenor: Chris Lockwood

Research: Susan Jones, Clare Dowdall

Regional reps: Roger McDonald

Website: AngelaColvert

Teresa Cremin (HEI)

Joy Court (Libraries)

David Reedy (Campaigns)

Alayne Ӧztürk (Diversity)

Eve Bearne – Associate Editor

Henrietta Dombey (FELA)

Regional Reps

Region Regional Reps
Region 1 (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Hereford, Worcestershire) Dan Northover Kirsty Jones
Region 2 (Cambs, Beds, Essex, Herts, Norfolk, Suffolk) John-Mark Winstanley Claire Williams
Region 3 (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset) Carrie Ansell and Anita Wood
Region 4 (Gtr Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cumbria, IoM) Rebecca Hurst Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves
Region 5 (London) Wayne Tennent (until July) Richard Charlesworth
Region 6 (Surrey, Kent) Becca Austin, Jamie Evans, Kat Vallely
Region 7 (Northern Ireland) Donna Hazzard
Region 8 (Northumberland, Durham) Sue Morgan and Kay Rooks
Region 9 (Notts, Derbyshire, Lincs, Rutland, Leicestershire) Petula Bhojwani, Brenda Heathcote Emma Rogers
Region 10 (Oxon, Berks, Bucks, Northants) Debbie Wright
Region 11/12 ( East Scotland) Alice Atkinson and Karla Pearce
Region 11/12 (West Scotland) Esther Allan and Leanne Welsh
Region 13 (Sussex, Hants, Wilts, Isle of Wight) Julia Sutherland Jo Tregenza
Region 14 (Wales) Jo Bowers Simon Fisher
Region 15 (West Midlands, Worcs, Shropshire, Staffordshire) Sue Reid
Region 16 (Yorkshire) Lisa Stephenson Karen Daniels Nikki Gamble

Kelly Ashley

Nikki Gamble

Emma Dwyer

Prue Goodwin

Clare Williams

Marion Hampton

Daisy Rothwell

Sally Wilkinson

Jon Biddle

Sonia Thompson

Felicity Ferguson

Ross Young

Anne Swift

SIG Children’ Literature rep. (Co-opted Member)

LA Rep. (Co-opted Member)

Reading Rep. (Co-opted Member)

Early Career Teachers Rep. (Co-opted Member)

Teacher Rep Secondary. (Co-opted Member)

Teacher Rep. Primary (Co-opted Member)

English 4-11 Rep. (Co-opted Member)

Teachers’ Research Group Rep (Co-opted Member)

Teachers’ Research Group Rep (Co-opted Member)

Writing Rocks Rep (Co-opted Member)

Writing Rocks Rep (Co-opted Member)

Teacher Associations Rep (Co-opted Member)