Task Groups

What is a Task Group?

In 2007 UKLA revised its structures to re-name Special Interest Groups as UKLA Task Groups (TGs) as this name indicates more clearly their important status in driving forward the literacy agenda and responding to an explicit task identified by EC which will contribute to the Association’s object: to advance education in literacy.

The Standing Orders state that:

  • Task Groups will assist the Association in the development of understanding and policy about particular areas of literacy teaching and learning and will contribute to the publications and conferences of the Association. (10, (b) 2007).
  • Normally TGs will operate for six months to a year, or as long as the group think they need to fulfil their aims and commitment to the Association and EC agrees.


What is the nature of a Task Group?

The TG is in essence a small group of individuals within the Association invited by EC to work together to achieve specific goals, explore particular issues with regard to the Association and make recommendations. Members might be involved in a number of activities to achieve the TG’s aims on behalf of the Association.

This could include, for example, exploring possibilities for new membership drives, developing a named aspect of the Association’s work, collaborating to organise a response to a government report, developing research or establishing a network of UKLA professionals in an area to develop a particular initiative. Much will depend on the remit set and agreed by the group with EC.

TG members will have the chance to collaborate in self-defined ways to further the group’s negotiated aims and intentions on behalf of the Association and to contribute to the development and influence of the Association as well as to its mission. In addition, the TG may be involved in publication, and working with other organisations.

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