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Finland - How do they do it?


I am  off to Finland next month following a successful UCET travel scholarship application! Thanks to UKLA colleagues, I made contact with three Finnish colleagues linked to the University Of Tampere Teacher Training School in Hameenlina who kindly agreed to host a visit . The focus of my study is to what extent key societal aims and values impact on teacher training models and what if anything we can learn as a result.  I will be in Hameenlina for 10 days talking to a range of teacher trainers , teachers and hopefully visiting some schools as well . When I get back I will be publishing my findings and presenting at the November UCET conference! That's the plan anyway ! I will keep you posted once ofsted have visited ! Good luck with the website - it looks great .


Thanks Derval! That sounds like a really exciting and interesting research project. We wish you all the best and hope you have a great stay in Hameenlina. We're looking forward to reading more about it on your return to the UK.

1 : Web Team, Mon 12th April 2010

It will be a fascinating trip at the very least. I have always been intigued by the Finnish experience, even though I have never been there.
Have you read the 2003 OFSTED report -'The education of six year olds in England, Denmark and Finland'? It has quite a lot to say about social context and was coauthored by Robin Alexander so an interestingread.
I look forward to hearing all about it!

1 : mrdavidreedy, Tue 13th April 2010

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