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The 13th Annual National Storytelling Week begins tomorrow!

The 13th Annual National Storytelling Week begins tomorrow! If you’re looking for ideas there are lots of useful links and resources on the Society for Storytelling website: In addition to these, if you are a UKLA member, there are a number of free resources which you may find useful when planning your week. Read on to find out more....

 Helen Bromley’s three-part series about how storyboxes can help develop children’s storytelling is an excellent resource. First published in 1999, Helen Bromley’s work on storyboxes has been widely influential and is still fresh today.  In the first of three articles Helen Bromley describes how storyboxes can be used to support children as storytellers from the Nursery to Year 6. Members can download it here: In the second of Helen Bromley’s articles she looks at how storyboxes can be used in Key Stage 1:  The third part of the series explores the ways in which play can develop the storytelling skills of KS2 children and highlights some cross curricular links that can be made:

You may also find this article by Marilyn Mottram of interest:  In this she describes how an exciting storytelling project aimed to involve families and communities in the National Year of Reading.  

Another paper entitled ‘Storytelling: the missing link in story writing’ can be found  here:  This paper originally appeared as a chapter in the UKLA book Connecting, Creating: New ideas in teaching writing edited by Susan Ellis and Colin Mills and published in 2002. The book is now out of print but some of the chapters have been revised and updated as part of a series of downloadable papers for UKLA members.

In addition, if you’re looking for a book to read that will give you inspiration, Story Telling across the Primary Curriculum by Alastair K Daniel is full of practical ideas. It provides a wealth of examples of cross-curricular teaching opportunities, including a section on the ways in which the teaching of phonics can be embedded in the ‘real’ language of story. It’s available in the UKLA book shop here:

We hope you find some of these resources useful and we’d love to hear about your experiences of storytelling.... Have fun next week!


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