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Photo:  Headteacher Chris Lockwood welcomes us

Headteacher Chris Lockwood welcomes us


60 teachers and group leaders met on Wednesday to choose the stortlists for the UKLA Book Awards 2012.We met at Frederick Bird Primary School Coventry, and were made welcome by the headteacher Chris Lockwood and by teachers.  It was a joy to be in the school.

It was difficult to choose.  Teacher judges have spend the last few months reading longlisted titles, sharing them with other teachers in their discussion groups and with children.  However, they did choose shortlists for each of our 3 awards.  In doing so they demonstrated that teachers recognise an unusually diverse range of quality texts including debut authors, established and prize winning authors, texts in translation and quality texts first published overseas. They also clearly recognise what children will like with two current Red House children’s choice winners on their list
Teachers welcomed the opportunity to widen their knowledge of recent children’s titles and enjoyed talking together in order to decide which books would best match the criteria for the award texts. One comment which reflects the feelings of many was: "I’ve absolutely relished the opportunity, not only have I had the opportunity to share some wonderful books with my children on a daily basis, I’ve also really loved the group meetings sharing the books with other teachers". There is no doubt that the children and students in their classrooms benefited too. "It’s been great finding out about authors I wouldn’t perhaps have picked up, and discussing them with children and with teachers in our group. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to read a wider range of authors that I would normally do. I’ve probably read more books in this period of time than I have done for a while!"


The shortlisted books will now be re- read by a smaller panel of teacher judges and the final winners will be announced during the UKLA International Conference to be held on July 6-8th at the University of Leicester.

Shortlists here

·         6 debut authors (Lindsey Barraclough, Phil Earle , Lissa Evans, Ruth Eastham, Katherine Rundell,Gill Lewis)

·         Past  Carnegie  and Kate Greenaway winners Patrick Ness and Catherine Rayner

·         a picture book in translation ( Marlolaine Leray, translated by Sarah Ardizzone) and

·         quality text first published overseas (Kenneth Oppel)

·          Red House winners Patrick Ness and Chris Wormell

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