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What does the UKLA mean to you?

The UKLA is an exciting organisation which is made up of a diverse group of people, all of whom have an interest in and passion for literacy education. Being a part of this means something slightly different for all of us. What does the UKLA mean to you?  Answering this question would be a fantastic way for you to introduce yourself on the members blog. We’d love to hear from you.

Welcome all Members!

Welcome to the UKLA members’ blog! This blog is a new feature of the website which enables members to share literacy-related news. We welcome any contibutions with a positive literacy focus but will not publish posts which are deemed to be seeking to endorse or promote commercial products or services. Have you just started a research project or had a successful book week at school? Perhaps you have read an interesting article recently or attended an exciting conference which left you feeling enthused. If so, we’d love to read about it. We hope you enjoy using this new feature and we look forward to hearing from all members of the UKLA community. Although this is not a discussion board, we would like to encourage members to comment on the news posted by others – especially if you have been inspired by one of the posts. We are all literacy enthusiatsts and committed to developing best practice. Sharing our work will be a good thing for all. Happy posting! Web Development Team

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