There is an important international dimension to UKLA’s work to promote and develop literacy education.  Through working with associations in other countries – in Europe and other parts of the world – we can develop together wider views of what education in literacy should involve and how to go about making it most effective.  And through providing funds for locally produced storybooks, we can spread the experience of reading for enjoyment to children in three African countries.

So UKLA is:

  • affiliated to the International Literacy Association (ILA)
  • an active player in ILA’s International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC)
  • a central participant in the Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA).

We also run the successful Project Connect, UKLA’s Books for Africa project, which sees that culturally appropriate books for pleasurable reading get into the hands of children in Zanzibar, Malawi and most recently, Ethiopia.  See our Project Connect pages for further details.

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