Guided Reading using Short Texts at KS2

Pam Dowson, Kerry Henderson, Emma Poole, Sarah Thrower and Sally Wilkinson

Created in collaboration with Suffolk Local Authority, this text has been put together to help answer teachers’ concerns about how to manage Guided Reading at Key Stage 2. The materials, with examples all developed by teachers, offer advice on how to improve children’s reading skills while genuinely engaging a group of young readers over an extended period of time. The suggestions and examples use short texts as a way of getting to higher level discussion quickly, helping children to respond critically. 

The materials include a generic teaching sequence for working with a text over a period of several weeks with case study examples and teaching sequences for years 3,4 5 and 6 using:

  • short stories and short novels
  • complex picturebooks
  • information texts including the internet
  • poetry and song

Each case study and teaching sequence gives examples of questions aimed at specific Assessment Focuses. 

There are sections giving advice on managing groups, asking questions, working with Teaching Assistants and developing independent activities. The section on recording and assessing progress provides a detailed grid developed by Suffolk LA for making judgements and links with the recent developments in Assessing Pupil Progress.

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Published in 2008

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