Handbook of Teaching Early Reading: more than phonics

Sally Elborn

This substantial Handbook offers practical guidance to those wishing to provide a full rich reading curriculum for children whilst ensuring that they meet the statutory requirements of the national curriculum for English. The material goes well beyond the confines of the curriculum, taking a holistic view of what becoming a reader involves.

In the opening section, each aspect of the reading curriculum is examined including Shared, Guided and Independent Reading.

Section Two begins with early print concepts and moves into the sources of information, strategies and behaviours children need to acquire in order to be effective, independent readers. The role of phonics is comprehensively covered but there is also an emphasis on teaching reading strategies.

The third section focuses on reading comprehension and how understanding needs to be developed alongside processing. Key strategies are examined: summarising, predicting, visualising, questioning, connecting and inferring - aspects of comprehension which are often neglected in the early stages of reading instruction.

Finally the section on assessment gives clear guidance for teachers to carry out and analyse running record assessments in order to set high impact targets. Throughout this highly practical Handbook are vignettes of
practice for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and photocopiable formats for evaluating aspects of reading provision.

Published by UKLA

ISBN-13: 978-1-897638-98-9

Format: Paperback

Published in 2015

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