Learning to be Literate: Insights from Research for Policy and Practice

Margaret M Clark

This book analyses research into literacy from 1960s to 2014, with illustrations of children`s developing awareness of written language. The book might put to rest some myths, including those perpetuated by successive governments, where they fly in the face of a wealth of research evidence. The book is of interest to parents and professionals.

A keen knowledge of how written and spoken language work is brought together with close observation of children in their homes and schools to show the centrality of meaning making to the process of learning to read and write. Henrietta Dombey, Past Chair of NATE and a Past President of UKLA.

With her unmatched experience as teacher as well as researcher of young children`s literacy learning the author argues for the vital role of meaningful contexts for early reading and writing, matched to the children`s interests and prior experience. Wendy Scott, President, TACTYC.

Despite the complexity of learning to be literate, with her customary clarity, Clark elegantly explores policy and practice and children`s experience, struggles and accomplishments. Eve Bearne, a Past President of UKLA.

I found this book really interesting and an easy read. I would love to share it with my staff. Michaela Long, Head teacher, Christchurch C of E Primary School

Published by Glendale Education

ISBN-13: 9780992893101

Format: Paperback

Published in 2014

Book jacket of Learning to be Literate: Insights from Research for Policy and Practice

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