Teaching Grammar Effectively in the Primary School

David Reedy & Eve Bearne

Why teach grammar?
You might as well ask: ‘why teach about the use of language?’ It is important that young readers and writers know about how language is organised to make meaning. Importantly, they need to know that improving writing isn’t about adding lots of adjectives, verbs or adverbs but about achieving the effect that the writer wants. In addition, having a terminology to talk about language - a metalanguage - means that teachers and children have a shared vocabulary about how to get better at using language.
The material in this book covers all aspects of grammar in the new National Curriculum for English explained through:
• Case studies by teachers
• Vignettes of practice
• Terminology checks
• Quick and Easy practical examples linked to each year group

It is divided into sections:
• Words
• Building sentences
• Punctuation
• Beyond the sentence
• Preparing for the Grammar test in Year 6
• Photocopiable materials

All the examples and suggestions are based on the REDM process of teaching grammar in context:
Reading and investigation
Explicit teaching
Discussion and experimentation
Making controlled writing choices
The materials cover all the grammatical features and terminology that children are required to know and use in the new National Curriculum.

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Published in 2013

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