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Examples from our resource collection

Photo:Free resources for non-members

Free resources for non-members

Explore the free resources that the UKLA makes available to everyone to promote literacy education. To also get a flavour of the variety of fantastic resources we publish for our members, check the free unlocked taster resources within each tile/series.

Photo:UKLA’s Home Learning Resources

UKLA’s Home Learning Resources

We have developed this section to support everyone who is now at home with their children wondering quite what to do in terms of literacy teaching. These resources are not meant to replicate a mini school, but instead to give you opportunities to enjoy some time with your children.

Photo:Webinars and Professional Development

Webinars and Professional Development

We have a range of materials to support your on-going professional development. Why not browse a selection of extracts from our publications or some of our conference proceedings? You may also find that our case studies of young readers provide you with thought provoking material for considering approaches to the teaching of reading. In this section you will find school development documents to support you in reflecting on the development of your curriculum and classroom practices.

Photo:UKLA Viewpoints

UKLA Viewpoints

Viewpoints set out UKLA’s position on key topics including talk, early reading, writing, diversity and inclusion, critical literacy, digital literacies, and spelling, punctuation and grammar. Each Viewpoint includes a statement that explains UKLA’s position in relation to the topic, gives references to relevant research and other sources, and provides at least one classroom example.

Photo:Diverse Picturebooks

Diverse Picturebooks

This series of online resources looks at issues related to social diversity through a range of picture books. The term diversity can be used to cover a number of social categories including, but not limited to, representations and identity, ethnicity, sexuality, gender orientation, family setting and housing. The series aims to increase the range of picture books being shared in EYFS and KS1 classrooms by introducing picture books that explore ideas related to diversity.

Photo:Inspirational Teaching Ideas

Inspirational Teaching Ideas

Come and learn from educators sharing their inspirational practice by reading some selected articles taken from our journal English 4-11, co-published with the English Association, and the Primary English Magazine. We have also selected some other exciting articles which we have made available as downloads.

Photo:Critical Research into Literacy

Critical Research into Literacy

Access award-winning articles published in Literacy and the Journal of Research In Reading, both published by the UKLA and Wiley-Blackwell. We have also selected some reports that emerged from UKLA-funded projects, and examples of research presented at our conferences.

Photo:Support with Subject Knowledge

Support with Subject Knowledge

Many of our resources can help you develop the knowledge and pedagogical approaches needed to teach literacy skills and curriculum content in rich and meaningful contexts. We have selected a few examples of resources relating to the teaching of reading and writing to give you a taste of what we have to offer.

Photo:Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers have been developed by groups of UKLA members, usually based on the work of UKLA’s Special Interest Groups and give an up-to-date outline of the Association’s views on current topics.

Photo:Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

In line with UKLA’s aim to support and inform all those concerned with the development of language, literacy and communication, these resources provide ideas for promoting diversity and inclusion, recognising the dynamic and evolving contexts for literacy education in the 21st century.

Photo:Great Writers and Good Reads

Great Writers and Good Reads

If you'd like some inspiration for new books to read, come and take a peek at the longlists, shortlists and winners of the UKLA book Awards or read some book reviews. We also have a series of author studies you may be interested in.

Photo:Influencing Policies through Research

Influencing Policies through Research

UKLA seeks to inform and shape policies through regular engagement and communication with government policy makers. Come and take a look at some of the documents, rooted in rigorous research and principled practice, which have underpinned our campaigns.

Photo:21st Century Literacies

21st Century Literacies

The UKLA is keen to engage with the possibilities offered by new textual forms and spaces, and the literacy practices that are evolving in line with them, as the uptake of 21st century technologies continues to grow. These resources provide ideas and examples for educators who want to engage with new forms of literacy.

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